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Building Sizes
All sizes are approximate based on external measurements they do not include roof overhang etc, please allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your building, bearing in mind space required for installation and maintenance. We advise you check internal sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose. Planning permission can be required on some buildings depending on size and location, please check with your local council if unsure.

L x W x H = Length x Width x Height.

FW x D x H = Front Width x Depth x Height.

REF = approximate imperial size. E.g. 806 = 8ft x 6ft approx.     

T = Building shown factory treated.

Buildings supplied factory treated are stained with a base coat of water based red cedar, as shown on selected buildings inside this brochure. The treatment process can result in some colour variation or drying marks, this will not affect the performance of the treatment or building. Factory treatment excludes roofs on most models.

Standard doors on apex sheds are hinged on the left hand side. Right hand hinge doors are available on request. Double doors on sheds are supplied with a galvanised pad-bolt or black jappaned slide bolt instead of a lock and key.  Double doors can only be fitted in sections at least 600mm larger than the doors. All summerhouses are supplied with hardwood doors, which are slightly darker than cladding in appearance. Summerhouse doors are 44mm thick.

Quantity of windows refers to standard buildings only. Number of windows on pent roof sheds depends on door position. All windows are fixed unless otherwise stated. Glass supplied is 3 mm horticultural (except children’s playhouses) fixed with beading. Safety glass or perspex can be ordered at extra cost on most buildings. Buildings can be supplied without windows at no extra cost. All summerhouses except for Devon and Rosedale are supplied with hardwood windows- which will be slightly darker than cladding in appearance- and toughened glass as standard.

Access to your garden
Please bear in mind that not all building sections will fit through a standard doorway or go round sharp corners. Please check site access with your retailer if you are unsure. Larger sections may be manufactured in more than one piece for handling purposes.

It is essential that your building is assembled onto a suitable base, which must be solid, level and square. We recommend a paving slab base. Tanalised timber bearers will help prolong the life span of your floor. Direction of floor joists will vary depending on model and size. If your base is not ready on the day of installation a return charge may be charged of a minimum of £40 The the building must be paid for on the day whether it is erected or not.

Buildings supplied untreated should be treated as soon as possible after delivery using a good quality timber preservative. Buildings supplied with a factory base coat of treatment should be re-treated within the first six to twelve months and from then on annually. It is advisable to fit guttering to larger buildings - If you are having a side door fitted in a Warwick Plus, Major or some pent roof buildings you will need to specify extra height if you plan to fit guttering above the door. We can coat your shed using Ronseal preserver subject to a small cost.

All buildings are supplied complete with floor (unless otherwise stated), 20kg roofing felt (38kg on the Major), glass, trims and fixings. Roof purlins and trusses are supplied where necessary. Timber sizes stated are finished size after machining.

At Elford Sheds we are continually looking for ways to improve our products, we therefore reserve the right to alter specification at our discretion. All timber used is from well managed sustainable sources.

Delivery time
Many of our products are made to order so please allow sufficient time when ordering if you require your building for a certain date. Our busiest time is spring and summer so please allow extra time if ordering during this period. . 

Buildings are supplied with a standard 12 months guarantee against faulty parts and labour. We recommend you check if your building is covered by your household insurance in case of storm damage etc.  

Base Requirements
We cannot stress enough the importance of importance of putting your Elford Sheds building onto a solid level foundation. Get it right and your building will fit together perfectly and last for years. Get it wrong and you could have problems with assembly, the shed will not last nearly as long and the doors may not close properly.
Positioning of your Building

The size of your building is approximate and does not allow for roof overhangs. When deciding where to site your building you must allow sufficient room for the roof and allow access for assembling, maintenance and retreating of the building. The minimum space required is usually 300mm (1ft) all the way around the building although 500mm is preferable. Your base does not have to be larger than the building.
If using bearers or sleepers they must run the opposite way to the joists on the building floor. Direction of floor joists will vary depending on the size and model of the building. If using slabs the whole area should be paved in order to support the floor. A slab in each corner is not adequate.
Whatever base you use it is imperative that it is firm, flat and level otherwise your building will not fit together properly and will not last as long.

 If you need to check the length, direction or quantity of bearers you need, exact floor measurements or further advice of please do not hesitate to contact us during office hours.

We do offer a offer a base laying service contact us for very competitive prices!!!
Most sheds and garden buildings look good in the picture or from a distance, but the construction can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Elford Sheds we traditionally use thicker than average timber on our buildings, which is why we are keen to make our specification clear so you can compare it to those for other products (if shown).

The thing to look out for when comparing specification is if the size given is the finished size as some manufacturers will quote the size before machining (planning) even though they don’t necessarily machine the timber themselves. Elford Sheds quote finished sizes (within tolerances) when giving timber sizes.

Below is some more detailed information on the materials we use to build our products:

Cladding: This is the material on the outside of the building and is generally either Tongue and Grooved Shiplap (T&G) or Weatherboard (overlap).

Weatherboard sawn averages 10-12mm at wider point and 6-7mm at narrow point. This traditional style cladding is not as durable as T&G shiplap.

12mm x 120mm T&G shiplap planed (size before machining 16mm x 125mm). The industry standard although some manufacturers are now using as thin as 7mm.

15mm x 120mm T&G shiplap planed (size before machining 19mm x 125mm). 25% thicker than standard- makes a building stronger and longer lasting.

Framing: Makes up the frame to which the cladding is attached to, contributes a lot towards the overall strength of the building.

50mm x 22mm sawn (not machined) used on the Cottage overlap

34mm x 34mm paned all round (size before machining 38mm x 38mm) rounded edge

45mm x 34mm planed all round (size before machining 50mm x 38mm) square edge.

45mm x 45mm planed all round (size before machining 50mm x 50mm) rounded edge used for the upright framing on the Warwick Plus.   

60mm x 50mm sawn (not machined) used on the Major range and Carlton Summerhouse

Floors & Roofs: Generally same material and thickness as cladding except on Cottage (16mm butt jointed closed board) and Charnwood (roof & floor are 15mm T&G). Roofs are supplied with 20kg green mineral roofing felt (except Major = 38kg). We do not use chipboard or OSB on any buildings. Apex Buildings over 2.1m wide have a roof purlin for extra support and apex buildings over 3.6m long have a roof truss. 


Cottage: Ledged & single braced, 15mm T&G Shiplap hung on three black japanned “T” hinges secured with a hasp & staple.
Standard Sheds (excluding Cottage): Framed, ledged & double braced, 12mm T&G Shiplap on 45 x 34mm framing hung on three black japanned “T” hinges secured with a press lock & 2 Keys on single doors and a black japanned slide bolt on double doors.  

Adaptable, Corner & Potting Range: Framed ledged & double braced, 15mm T&G Shiplap on 45 x 34mm framing hung on three zinc plated “T” hinges secured with a press lock & 2 Keys on single doors and a galvanised steel pad bolt  on double doors.

Major Heavy Duty: Ledged and double braced, 15mm T&G Shiplap on 120 x 34mm heavy duty framing hung on two heavy duty galvanised hook & band hinges secured with a rim lock with two keys & handle on single doors and a galvanised steel pad bolt  on double doors.

Summerhouses & Log Cabins: Hardwood Joinery quality, 45mm thick (most manufacturers use 34mm) hung on antique style anti rust nylon hinges, secured with a 3 lever fitted mortice lock with two keys.

Windows: Apart from the Cottage, shed windows are fully framed with 3mm horticultural glass beaded from the outside. Toughened safety glass or 4mm perspex can be ordered as an optional extra.

Fixings: All nails & screws provided are galvanised or sheradised to protect against rust.


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